I’m Loopy over Looper

The new year is a great time to reflect on our obsessions: did they cause regret? Joy? Do we need to refocus? Will they win awards?

My current obsession is the movie Looper.  I believe it is perhaps the best of 2012. I watched it a second time recently and it holds up to the epic pictures that I loved last year, including Django, Life of Pi and the Master.

A time travel movie that doesn’t get caught up in the gobbledy-gook of its own invented mechanics (Primer) or dwell on fish-out-of-water aspects for yuks (no DeLorean?), Looper doesn’t imagine the future as totally different with regular people wearing stupid fashions. After all, we keep going back to the past for style, don’t we? We take what works, and modify it–cars, guns, buildings.

Looper’s a movie with great characters, believable moral dilemmas and conflicts, a great story and acting, real stakes, and a profound message. If you are a mother, you will feel particularly rewarded.

Looper gives us much to ponder for time to come and to revisit in our past.